OK, I said that I would be unbiased, but I'll break the rule a little on this one. This is my other dating site, a affiliate site. It has lots of cool stuff, links to many advice columns and a search box to find singles events. It also has some dating jokes to brighten your day!

Cost: Free!

Number of members: Do I count?

Photos: As soon as you send me one, I'll post it!

Chat: Of course!

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American Singles

American Singles

This is the king of the "free" sites. They currently have about 230,000 members. All posting, browsing, chatting and replying are free. However, before jumping aboard, remember these cautions. The male female ratio is very unbalanced here, with about 3 men for every woman. Also, the quality of people on this site are not always as good as with pay sites. Because of the gender inequities, many women on this site report that they get swamped with replies. To find a decent profile, you can use the "profile search" feature, but this costs $5 a month and defeats the whole point of a "free" site. This site also does not screen its profiles very much, so don't be surprised if you find an occasional porno link. However, unlike yahoo and excite, this is the exception rather than the rule. Also, they don't have private e mail like the pay sites, so your real e mail is there for all to see, resulting in the occasional spam. You can add a photo to your profile, but that is also an "extra" feature which requires a "donation." This site has a good international following, with over 40 percent of the profiles outside of the U.S. Kind of ironic for a site named American Singles. It is especially strong in Russia which makes it a good low cost alternative to the "mail order bride" services. Overall it is a good service (hey it's free!) if you are careful. Update: This site was recently redesigned and is no longer free! You can still post your ad for free. However, if you send out more than 3 replies, you have to pay $19.95 a month. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! They recently added the option of additional photos, a new search engine and voice personals.

Cost: $19.95/mo. (Free to post and respond to 3 ads)

Number of members: 500,000

Photos: Yes

Chat: Yes

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Dating 2020


This is a newer dating site. Their niche is college graduates. They don't have a lot of members yet, about 50 currently. But, it is free and sometimes quality is better than quantity. Also, they won't let you browse the ads until you fill out their long questionnaire, which I found extremely annoying. Because of the long questionnaire, you can often find out more from these profiles than from other services. They also require you to send one referral every two months. All in all, this site has potential once it gets a good following.

Cost: Free!

Number of members: About 50

Photos: No

Chat: No

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