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This service offers unlimited browsing without having to sign up. Over half the members have photos posted. Most services are available from the free "community" access. However, to send mail to "preferred" members, you have to become a "preferred" member yourself. The service also offers an option for voice clips! Pretty cool if you ask me. The only thing the annoyed me about this site was the ads that kept running on the bottom of the browser. Other than that, good layout!

Number of members: 26,000

Cost: Free for basic "community" $9.95 a month for "preferred"

Chat: Yes

Photos: Yes

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This company is owned by the same people who own the telepersonals phone service. It currently consists of Avenia, for heterosexuals and man to man or woman to woman for homosexuals. You can view written ads from this service or you can listen to telepersonals ads in Real Audio. This company offers free browsing by three different categories: dating, romance and intimate encounter. They also allow for instant messaging with other online members. The instant messaging service is done in frames which is kind of awkward. You can receive messages for free, but to send them you have to pay! I knew there was a catch somewhere!

Number of members:???

Cost: Free to browse and place ads; $9.50 a month to send out 16 messages

Chat: Yes

Photos: Some

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One and Only Network

This a "network" of several smaller associate dating services. People log in to "Bob's Dating Service" or whatever service they think that they are on and get forwarded to this network. They offer free browsing and free ad placement. Some of the members have photos. The menu is very easy to use. In order to reply to other people's ads, you have to sign up for the AYCE or "All You Can E Mail" club for $14.95 a month. Update: This site was recently purchased by Ticketmaster/City Search and is going to be merged with to create the world's largest singles site!

Number of members: 228,000

Cost: Free to view or place ads; $14.95 a month to reply

Chat: No

Photos: Yes

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